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Professional web design, create online shops
Web design
Consultance services for making online store
Online promotion and SEO optimization services
Online promotion
SEO Optimisation
Installation and configuration of online store
Software development, create online store
Software development
Online store maintenance services
Pre and post implementation support services for online store
Services for integration of the online store with other systems

Services of online promotion and SEO optimization at the best quality, designed to attract more visitors to online store

Full online promotion services and SEO optimization services

SEO optimization services (Search Engine Optimization) involves making a few steps necessary to increase the display position of an online store in results of search using search engines (Google, Yahoo or Bing). SEO optimization services represents the cheapest and most effective way to increase an online business. The results are quantified in number of users who visits the online store as a result of searches in search engines.

Positioning an online store in the first page of keyword positions thereof, increases the number of online visitors and thus increase the chance of promotion, sales and information about services or products offered. If the online store is positioned on top positions in searches based on his keywords, the store will receive the most traffic for those words, free and quality traffic.

On-site SEO optimization services:

ShopIQ team constantly analyzes the online store contents, links and performance to make it more accessible to visitors and to be more easily indexed by search engines.

  • Analyse and improvement of meta tags
  • Analyse and propose keywords
  • Analyse and validate code
  • Analyse and improvement of links
  • Create content and new pages

Off-site SEO optimization services:

After completing on-site optimization, the online store is ready for off-site optimization. Depending on client's budget, we can perform the following operations:

  • Inclusion in web directories
  • Publish articles on web
  • Create pages and social media campaigns (Facebook, Tweeter, Google +1, etc.)
  • Publish articles in blogs
  • Press articles
  • Build links network
  • Getting quality links

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If you need assistance or if you have questions regarding the mode of how to open your online store, do not hesitate to call or email us using the contact page.

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