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Complete professional services for making online store

ShopIQ team offers the full range of specialized services, needed for creating a professional online store, for a good online promotion and for ensuring proper functioning in time: web design services, consultance services, software development services, instalation services, configuration services, integration services, online promotion services, SEO optimization services, maintenance services and support services.
Professional web design, create online shops

Web design

Imagine promotes the product

The conception of a website starts with the creation or interpretation of the brand, in order to establish the web design. ShopIQ team will guide you in this process, to choose the best web design solution

Consultance services for making online store


Ask an expert!

Through an sustained effort, we are trying to identify together with the client, the optimal solution to implement, tailored his needs. We offer expert consultancy services for creating online store.

Online promotion and SEO optimization services

Online promotion
SEO Optimisation

An not optimized store, doen't exists !

To make yourself visible online, we offer online promotion services and SEO optimization services. A store with unique design, well promoted, guarantees the success of any online business.

Installation and configuration of online store


Make me run smoothly

Beeing always close to the customer, we are always ready to help it regarding all aspects. Therefore, we will release it by some operations, offering installation services and configuration services of the online store.

Software development, create online store

Software development

The flexibility is the hey to success

Because ShopIQ is an open and always ready for perfectioning, on request, can be developed new modules, to serve to the very specific business model and customer requirements.

Online store maintenance services


Take your business to be long!

To ensure proper functioning of the online sales business , ShopIQ team provides maintenance services for the software of the online store, responding promptly to requests.

Services for integration of the online store with other systems


The applications must work together!

The ShopIQ team offers specialized support services before and after the launch of the online store, offering customers the necessary elements to create a quality online store.

Pre and post implementation support services for online store


Experience brings perfection !

The ShopIQ team store offers integration services with other systems already implemented or not implemented yet.

Dou you want to open your own online store ?
You dont have experience in managing an online store ?
Consider out offer and start fastest an good and cheap online store.

If you need assistance or if you have questions regarding the mode of how to open your online store, do not hesitate to call or email us using the contact page.

Demo online store
Note: In the online store demo, created with ShopIQ e-commerce platform, several actions or functions has been blocked.
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