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Having as a starting point the year 2013 when we launched the store specialized in coffee equipment and accessories, based on gained experience and understanding the coffee market, we felt the need to pay a special attention to the traditional lever machines equipped with spring-loaded piston. is addresseing to both incurable coffee enthusiasts and those who want to get the most from coffee and are ready to meet this challenge, regardless of experience and skill they have acquired in this area.
We are fully dedicated to this area that is as vast as beautiful and we try to convey our passion to the customers who visit our shop.

In this moment we consider that Himalaya store represents a place where you can buy equipment both for two days in Bucegi and for a expedition in Himalaya mountains.

We represents and distributes, with honor, the best brands for outdoor equipment from the world: Petzl, Mammut, Austrialpin, Silva, Gerber, Tendon, Lowa, Asolo, Rock Empire, Nikwax, Lorpen, Laken, NicImpex, Julbo, Trimm, Suunto, Deuter, Kovea etc.

David Neacsu
General manager

We are a couple of happy parents who share an immense love for their baby. This idea of business was born from our passion for the simple things, which are filled with love.

We offer new products, chosen with great love and attention, things of very good quality, proved by the quality certificates. Most of the products are provided by great manufacturers and distributors from Great Britain, addressed to the children that are up to 3 years old.

Irina Timofeiov
Director general

Once when I bought the first camera, I studied and I tried to get experience in order to make photos at the best quality.

Passion pushed me to take pictures at weddings, christening or any other event that I attended. I love to make pictures with nature and portraits on which I try to catch the exact moment the expression status of the model.

The photographic processing fail to bring value to the artistic act and are able to refine my artistic expression.

Mihai Chetroesu
Amateur photographer

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If you need assistance or if you have questions regarding the mode of how to open your online store, do not hesitate to call or email us using the contact page.

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