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SEO / SEF Support module of ShopIQ platform

What is SEO ?

SEO este abrevierea expresiei Search Engine Optimization si reprezinta totalitatea actiunilor intreprinse asupra unei pagini web, avand ca scop cresterea pozitiei acesteia in rezultatele cautarii cu motoarele de cautare. Scopul indirect al SEO este acela de a atrage trafic relevant catre pagina optimizata.

What is SEF ?

SEF is the abreviation for expression Search Engine Friendly URLs and refers to the URLs of pages of a site. A "Friendly URL" is an URL that describes the content of represented page. An SEF optimized URL is much easier to navigate by the search engines than those non-optimized.

Use SEO and SEF support, in order to optimize the web pages for the best possible positioning in search results within search engines. Optimization technique is quite specific and depends by the skill of those who do it. The application provides the necessary support for a good search engine optimization through the functionalities which it contains.

Functionalities of SEO / SEF optimisation support:

  • SEO support (Search Engine Optimization): for a good indexing in search engines, to each catalog element, can be assigned meta definitions for title, description and keywords, other than those default (name and description)
  • SEF support (Search Engine Friendly URLs): for a good indexing in search engines, to each catalog element, can be defined an URL particle, other than the default (calculated by converting name into an URL particle)

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