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Newsletter module of ShopIQ platform

What is a newsletter ?

A newsletter is a series of articles and news, to be sent to subscribers with a certain frequency. Sending frequency is determined by the marketing department, there is no rule for this. It can be weekly, monthly, etc.

Using a newsletter system, a company can maintain contact with customers, sending them from time to time the latest news articles about attended company's events or future, or about the latest products added the portfolio. It is the easiest and legally way to present what's new in a company to its customers.

Functionalities of Newsletter system:

  • Subscribe to newsletter: Is made without operator intervention. The subscription validation is made by visitor by clicking on a link that is sent by the system after completing the form, to the email address specified.
  • Newsletter articles management
  • Old articles archive: The news that are not part of the current newsletter will not be deleted, they remain in the archive of articles and can be accessed anytime
  • Send newsletter by e-mail: the newsletter is send by e-mail to the subscribers. The articles will be sent in short format. There is a link, for each of them, to view the detailed articles. This link will redirect the readers to the website, where the articles are published online. This action is not just a simple redirection, the system counts the number of redirects to the article for the user or for the article.
  • Protection system on sending newsletter: The newsletter is sent only to certain email addresses simultaneously, the operation being made in mutiple steps, at a frequency previously set by the administrator, until when the newsletter is sent to all subscribers.
  • Newsletter subscribers management: The subscribers can be activated or deactivated from administration module, or managed with simple operations as create, edit or delete.
  • Import/Export subscribers: import or export newsletter subscribers through Excel files, for their rapid management
  • Reports of access: reports of accessing newsletter articles by email, calculated relative to the articles or subscribers.
  • SEO support (Search Engine Optimization): for a good indexing in search engines, to each article, can be assigned meta definitions for title, description and keywords other than those default (title and short description of this article)
  • SEF support (Search Engine Friendly URLs): for a good indexing in search engines, to each article, can be defined a different URL particle than the default (calculated by converting the article's title into an URL particle)

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