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Client Module
Client Module
Administration Module
Administration Module

Administration module of ShopIQ platform

ShopIQ management module is designed for product catalog management, users management, sales tracking, and online marketing campaigns

  • Define the structure of the catalog with the possibility to add an unlimited number of brands, categories or products
  • Organization of categories in a hierarchical structure on unlimited levels
  • Add descriptive elements to the catalog objects
  • Defining an unlimited number of dinamic parameters used for defining all products details
  • Marketing filters association:
    • New products
    • Products in promotions
    • Recommended proucts
    • Products in stock clearing
    • Awarded products
  • Define accessories and options for products.
  • Comments management
  • Define products resources: pictures, documents, links
  • Lookups management: Stock indicators, currencies, unit measures and warranties
  • Currency rates management
  • Import/Export of catalog products
  • Setting up the organization of information in the page:
    1. Display brands
    2. Display categories
    3. Display subcategories
    4. Display marketing filters
    5. Display product filter based on dynamic parameters
  • Setup display products mode
    1. Display stock as indicators or as real numerical values
    2. VAT default configuration applied to products
    3. Configure the display products number on a page
    4. Display the list of products only on leaf categories or on all categories
Sistem configuration
Sistem configuration
  • Newsletter
  • Newsletter access reports
  • Programable banner rotators
  • Sales reports

Orders placed by customers are stored in the system and can be viewed and modified by company staff. Following negotiations that can be made with the client, can perform the several operations

  • Change the order status depending on current moment from the life cycle of an sales order
  • Modify the command lines by changing the prices or quantities
  • Add new products
  • Remove lines from sales order
  • Delete sales order

For a better interaction between the company and its customers, the application maintains a database with customers (registered users of the site), there existing a personal account for each of them.
In the accounts of users it can be done the following operations:

  • Activation or deactivation of usrs
  • Preview or modify users details
  • Delete users

ShopIQ offers support for a very good optimization because the tools suite it contains that helps to optimize the store for the best possible indexing in search engines. Thus, visitors will get to shop through natural searches, while advertising costs will be reduced very much .
The visibility of the store is provided by:

  • Meta definitions configurable in administration module
  • Big number of indexed pages; the system generates a SINGLE PAGE for each item of the catalog
  • Keywords, title and description configurable for each item of the catalog
  • Sitemap generated automatically

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Demo online store
Note: In the online store demo, created with ShopIQ e-commerce platform, several actions or functions has been blocked.
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