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Client Module
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Administration Module

Delivery module of ShopIQ platfrom

What is delivery module?

The delivery module it the component through which can be defined the courier operators, delivery charges and their coverage areas. These configurations are made by the shop manager and will be used by visitors to the creation of sales orders.

How it works ?

  • It creates a purchase order and it specify the delivery address .
  • Depending on county and city elected, the application will automatically select the operator that has the lowest delivery fee and the coverage area allows delivery in that location.
  • The buyer can choose another courier, if he wants that the delivery to be done with other operator
  • At the total of the order will be added the courier fees, which will be represented by a special order item.

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Demo online store
Note: In the online store demo, created with ShopIQ e-commerce platform, several actions or functions has been blocked.
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