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Client Module
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Administration Module

Import/Export module of ShopIQ platform

What is Import / Export system ?

The Import / Export system is specially designed for an easy maintenance of the catalogue, when the catalogue is changed frequently. Using these operations, the shop can be maintained easily, without an operator which must load each product in order to maintain it separatly, thus losing a lot of time.

Such as for example, if we need to change prices of all products from a specific category? What would it mean to go on each product, just to set the price? With import and export operations, they can change more easily. Export the cataloguess elements, modify prices in Excel and import the file. All products from this file will be updated with new values.

Funcionalities of Export operation:

  • Export manufacturers: export the list with all manufacturers definitions from the catalog.
  • Export categories: export the list with all categories definitions from the catalog.
  • Export products: export the list with all products definitions from the catalog. You can define filters by categories and manufacturers, so you can export small sets of products.
  • Export parameters: export the list with all parameters definitions from the catalog.
  • Secure export format: exported file contains validators, to avoid human error due to incorrect completion of values. Advanced users, who know very well the catalogue's structure, can choose for export in unsecured format, version much less consuming the hardware resources, necessary for generating the Excel file.
  • Export only public elements: can be exported only visible elements in client interface, because in general we do not need to maintain obsolete products that are no longer public..

Funcionalities of Import operation:

  • Schimbare structura fisier Excel: the Excel file structure is not strict. It is imposed only the names of columns and column containing the item code, necessary for its identification.
  • Modificare elemente catalog: an element identified by the code will be updated with the appropriate values from the imported file. There is not required the existence of all fields to change an elemnt from catalog.
  • Adaugare elemente catalog: If in the code's field is specified a nonexistent code, it will be createa a new item based on the definition from the imported file. In this case, in the Excel file must exists all the required fields.

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