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Marketing e-mail campaigns

ShopIQ - Marketing Online

The marketing by e-mail is a very efficient method for communicating with customers and potential customers or business partners. Using campaigns of marketing by e-mail, a company can increase the sales volume of products and services, can improve the image and can promote products and services.

Well-organized marketing by e-mail campaigns may have immediate effects, offering to the customers a presentation of products and services personalized.

Why marketing by e-mail ?

In the greatest extent, customers prefer to find news about company's products and services by email, rather than by other methods. In addition, the most Internet users check email at least once a day. So, the marketing by e-mail is an effectve method that generates relevant web traffic.

  • Feedback and fast effects: the emails arrive immediately at the target public and generates fast effects. Using simple methods of call to action and well selected e-mail lists of targeted customers, the results can be impressive.
  • Reduced costs: comparing with marketing campaigns made through television, radio or even print sites, the e-mail campaign's costs are negligible.
  • Targeting: the e-mail marketing campaigns can be focused to a target audience, according to his profile.
  • Personalisation: the e-mail can be customized, ina way that it includes information about the client.

The application for sending newsletter: ShopIQ - Marketing Online

ShopIQ team has developed a software application dedicated for marketing by e-mail campaigns, designed for sending the newsletter to customers or partners. The application was developed complying with legal policy just to send commercial messages. Thus, e-mail campaigns and contact management policies comply with a controlled and legal work.

What gives me the newsletter software ShopIQ - Marketing Online ?

  • eb application, can be accessed from any computer connected to Internet
  • possible integration in the customer site to display the newsletter articles, the history of articles and the subscription box
  • subscribe and unsubscribe automatically, with email confirmation, no need for any operator intervention
  • simple and intuitive interface, no training needed to use it
  • newsletter subscribers management
  • import and export subscribers operations
  • newsletter articles management
  • high quality SEO / SEF support for a better indexing of newsletter articles in search engines
  • newsletter history, with possibility of subsequent reactivation of the articles
  • reports of visits on the site after reading the newsletter (per user or per article), which can measure a particular interest for an article
  • Send newsletter emails to a large number of contacts by cyclic actions referring to sets of subscribers, avoidinging the server locking
  • security; access to the system is secure and password-based user.

What are the benefits of a Newsletter software ?

In Today, the current news are a characteristic of the information. This is the reason that the newsletter is considered to be so useful and effective. Communicating with customers through the newsletter adds benefit to both, customers and companies. On the one hand customers receive news and promotions that are interested and on the other hand the company promotes products, services in a simple and low cost way. Also, the companies that use marketing by e-mail instead of traditional direct marketing, saving over 60% of time.

  • Remember customerts that you exists
  • Strengthens the company's image
  • Encourage users to return
  • Strengthen relationship with customers

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Note: In the online store demo, created with ShopIQ e-commerce platform, several actions or functions has been blocked.
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