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ShopIQ - Photo Album
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Why should I make a photo album ?

Fight for traffic today is fierce. Experience has taught us that each traffic source is important and deserves to be used. A significant percentage of traffic from a website is generated from searching of pictures in search engines. Over 5% from traffic of a site may come from such searches.

How win traffic using photo album ?

Suppose we have an online business that promotes boarding houses. We can attract relevant traffic, creating a photo gallery that contains images of sights. The tourist is documenting early about his trip. He search for sights located in the area where is interested to spend the vacantion. Once the tourists are in gallery, they can be redirected to the main site, where will be presented all the boarding houses located in the neighbourhood of the identified objectives.

Teh application ShopIQ - Photo Album

  • Organizing photos in a hierarchical structure of categories / albums
  • Define titles and descriptions for each photo and categoriese
  • Interactivity with visitors by offering the possibility to add comments and vote on photos
  • Accounting visits on each photo
  • Automatic resizing of photos to load them into the system
  • Watermark on photo, applied automatically on upload
  • Posibility to load a photo album from filesistem
  • Loading photo album from ZIP files
  • Support SEO / SEF for a good indexing of photos in search engines
  • Generating unique URL for each photo
  • Automatic generation of the file sitempa.xml, used by search engines for indexing photos

ShopIQ - Photo Album: Client module

ShopIQ - Photo Album: photo albums ShopIQ - Photo Album: photos ShopIQ - Photo Album: photo view ShopIQ - Photo Album: slide-show view

ShopIQ - Photo Album: Administrative module

ShopIQ - Photo Album: photo albums ShopIQ - Photo Album: edit photo album ShopIQ - Photo Album: photos ShopIQ - Photo Album: edit photo

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Demo online store
Note: In the online store demo, created with ShopIQ e-commerce platform, several actions or functions has been blocked.
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