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ShopIQ, the professional e-commerce platform,
complete software solution for making online store

The growth rate of business on the web has been and continues to be exponential. In Romania, the online business has an annual growth of approximately 100%. The number of internet users in Romania, in 2010, was estimated at over 7.5 million users, and all aver the world are about 2 billion users.

Accordingly to those numbers, we can understand that the potential of an online business is several folds higher than a physical business given that they have a very limited exposure to the zone in which they are located.

If you intend to make an online store, a very important thing is that you must choose a solid online store software solution to make a verry good marketing plan, in order to win the confidence of people on the Internet. If the methods of creating and promoting your business are well chosen, respecting the legislation in force, the success is guaranteed.

ShopIQ is a good choice if you want to start an online business implementing an online store for seling products or services from your company portofolio.

ShopIQ Base
Online store solution having an excellent quality-price report

ShopIQ Profi
Complete e-commerce solution for making online store

ShopIQ Custom
Online store configured only with modules that you need

What are the advantages of a online store ?

  • Easy to access and manage
  • Lower costs for online promotion
  • Always open, 24 hours of 24
  • Do not pay rent and utility bills
  • Accessible from anywhere and to anyone with Internet access

What brings an online store based on ShopIQ e-commerce platform ?

  • Increase the visibility of products and services of your company.
  • Increase the sales market by attracting customers from the Internet.
  • Increase sales and the final profit

What are the strengths of ShopIQ e-commerce platform ?

  • Very good report price - quality.
  • Working solution (available online) in very short time
  • Adaptable to any online sales business
  • The possibility of further development of new features
  • Consulting, technical support and maintenance of high quality

Whatever type of online store that you want to open (book, flower, electronics, clothing, shoes, perfume, furniture, bicycles, medical equipment, sports, etc..), the ShopIQ is the perfect choice.

Dou you want to open your own online store ?
You dont have experience in managing an online store ?
Consider out offer and start fastest an good and cheap online store.

If you need assistance or if you have questions regarding the mode of how to open your online store, do not hesitate to call or email us using the contact page.

Demo online store
Note: In the online store demo, created with ShopIQ e-commerce platform, several actions or functions has been blocked.
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